Fear of DrivingAre you afraid of driving? On highways? Over bridges? Through tunnels? In traffic?!

It’s amazing, but, one of the most common calls I am getting these days is,

“I know this sounds ridiculous, but I have this fear of driving!”

It used to be that I would get one call every 2 or 3 months; now I get 3 or 4 calls a WEEK about this!

Many people think that the fear of driving is ridiculous.“Come on! Just go over the bridge like you USED to!!!”


They just don’t understand that the FEAR is REAL for you. And, it’s a serious and REAL fear that many, MANY people have.

Getting to work, visiting friends or loved ones even running errands is terrifying for someone with this fear. You need to plan ahead, take alternate routes and pull over in a panic. It’s also dangerous for you and other drivers!

The fear of driving on highways and bridges (even tunnels) is confusing and embarrassing… and it may even cost you your job! (I had one client who needed to drive to Harrisburg three times a week—over the Susquehanna River—and he would break into a sweat. The worst part was, he was driving three of his coworkers and he was mortified!

At Plymouth Hypnosis Center, we have helped many people with their fears of traveling, flying, public speaking, selling and yes, DRIVING.

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